#! (shebang) is back!

The #! blog was hosted on Posterous, which was been shutdown as of May 31. I'm gradually migrating that content to my own website; please excuse the very basic styling for now.

So far, I have migrated:

25 Mar 2012 Bourne is not bash (or: read, echo, and backslash)
10 Feb 2012 Foolproof HTML escaping in Javascript
17 Dec 2011 Tips for Remote Unix Work: SSH, screen, and VNC (most popular)
18 Oct 2011 Oneiric upgrade breaks readline (Alt-B and Alt-F) in gnome-terminal
07 Oct 2011 Unix home field advantage - vim and awk

If you're interested in anything else from my old blog, it's still available thanks to the Wayback Machine.

In the coming months, I am planning to flesh out my personal sites and resume blogging.